Aspire Property Inspections LLC is based in the Lakes Region of Central New Hampshire and is run by Mark Turner, an Army veteran and electrical engineer. He has received home inspection training from InterNACHI, the world’s largest inspection trade association. He is experienced in home renovation and remodeling, and to expand his knowledge further he also received training by experts from A&E TVs Flip This House and the Flipping Boston TV program. Mark is a Department of Environment Energy Assessor, Realtor Continuing Education Instructor and trained as a realtor before deciding to focus on inspection, so he really understands all aspects of the real estate industry. As well as having real estate experience Mark's electrical engineering experience involved helping launch a range of solar micro inverters designed by the  Cambridge University Department of Engineering.

Mark cares about his clients. He is not a home inspector that you will see only at the inspection, never to be seen again. Mark makes himself available after your home inspection as well, answering any questions or addressing concerns that arise. He also understands that there are many unknowns in home inspection; a sewer pipe could be partially blocked, which would go undetected, mold may be forming during the inspection but is not yet visible to the human eye, an appliance could be close to failing or a roof may leak a few weeks or months later. None of these are identifiable during the home inspection, but if they do occur you do not want to be alone. With Mark you won’t be, he has you covered as for the first 90 days following your inspection (and 5 years in the case of your roof), you will be covered by $25,000 of free warranty coverage.

Mark also provides a 90-Day Buy Back Guarantee. This means that if you are a home buyer and he were to miss something during your inspection that you are later unhappy about during the 90-day guarantee period, your home can be bought back from you, guaranteed. And if you are a home seller, you will also be provided with a Buy Back Guarantee that you can pass to the home buyers, which will take effect from the date of your closing. This guarantee is included with the cost of your home Inspection at no additional cost. 




Certified Professional Inspector®
Dept of Environment Home Energy Score Certified Assessor

Realtor Continuing Education Instructor 

Certified Electrical Inspector

Certified HVAC Inspector
Certified Structure and Foundation Inspector
Certified Deck Inspector
Certified Chimney Inspector*
Certified Moisture Intrusion Inspector
Certified Wood-Destroying Organism Inspector

Meth House Hazards and Remediation Inspector
Certified Annual Home Maintenance Inspector
Certified Swimming Pool Inspector
Certified Plumbing Inspector
Certified Roof Inspector

Certified Exterior Inspector

Certified Kitchen Inspector
Certified Green Building Inspector
Certified Log Home Inspector
Certified Mold Inspector
Certified 11th Month Warranty Inspector
Certified Commercial Inspector  

Certified Infrared Thermography inspector
IAC2 Certified Radon and Mold Inspector
Unmanned Aircraft - General 3/20/18

National Home Inspector Exam 3/5/18

Certified Manufactured and Mobile Home Inspector

 Please note that in NH, chimney interior inspection is the responsibility of a certified chimney professional rather than a home inspector. I am not a certified chimney professional. Only a level two inspection performed by a CSIA (Chimney Safety Institute of America) certified chimney sweep can determine the condition of a flue. I always recommend a cleaning and level two inspection of a chimney flue before closing.  

InterNACHI Pre-Licensing Certificate

Mark Turner InterNACHI Pre-Licensing Certificate

InterNACHI Certified Property Inspector Certificate

Mark Turner InterNACHI Pre-Licensing Certificate

State issued Professional Certificate

Mark Turner State issued Professional Certificate

InterNACHI Meth House Hazards and Remediation Certificate

Mark Turner InterNACHI Meth House Hazards and Remediation Certificate

CTSD Services Home Toxicolgy Illicit Substance Residue Collection Protocol Certificate

Mark Turner CTSD Services Home Toxicolgy Illicit Substance Residue Collection Protocol Certificate

National Home Inspector Examination Verification

National Home Inspector Examination logo

Gerry Beaumont Education Award


 The InterNACHI Gerry Beaumont Education Award is given out annually to a deserving home inspector r who successfully completes 50 Continuing Education credit hours within one year (21 CE hours are required every 2 years by the state for license renewal but I completed 98 during 2018). 

State License




Devin K

We used Aspire to inspect a condo my daughter was buying. He showed up right on time. Make sure your Realtor  gives you plenty of time for the inspection because he isn't going to rush through it. He checked everything inside and out. Any problem he located big or small he showed us right away. He documents everything and gives you a detailed report so you can make a decision on buying the property or not. He did an excellent job and I would recomened him to anyone looking to have a property inspected

Bob C

Very responsive, very professional, totally satisfied with the job. He has even called back to suggest  a contractor for the repair he discovered and has called again to see how they did. I recommend him  highly..

InterNACHI Pet Friendly logo

Marni S

I just love the way Mark makes the home inspection process so easy. He's not only a very nice person, but a good, honest, and reliable professional. Super helpful before, during, and after the inspection. I highly recommend him. " 

Misty P

Mark was very professional and thorough. His report was extremely detailed and included  numerous pictures and videos. Highly recommend his services.

James A

Beyond anything a buyer would ask for or need. Mark was outstanding and took as many pictures  as necessary to cover every inch of the home. All items were highlighted, code issues discussed, and  suggestions were offered. The report was timely, and professional. Worth every penny we spent.

Gene K

He was super professional and super courteous. I flip houses and every time I used him for home  inspection, he's always came through and did a fantastic job. I give him A's across the board. I highly  recommend him.

Gilbert B

Everything went well. I have no complaints.

Mr. and Mrs. L

He was very very good and very nice.


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Feel free to contact me with any questions that you may have about my services or to schedule a home inspection. I can be reached by phone most daytime hours and all weekend long, so I won't keep you waiting long, I appreciate your business and I take pride in how fast I respond to requests.  

Aspire Property Inspections, LLC

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