In any property investment you need to look beneath the surface, as this enables you to assess and control your risk. A thorough analysis requires a property evaluation and an associated plan to protect your assets. I manage a team of professionals that can thoroughly inspect your commercial property, whether it be a warehouse, shop, apartment complex or  multi-family property. We avoid opportunities for surprises, eliminate guesswork and bring extensive experience to protecting your investment.

We wil inspect every major component and every significant aspect of your property. We will then generate a comprehensive inspection report detailing our findings and  identifying any deficiencies found, as well as noting areas of deferred maintenance that may require attention, which may impact your operating budget going forward.

The key characteristic of our commercial inspections service is that we are client-focused. We will not tell any clients what services they should employ, we instead listen to your needs as we understand that not all building owners, buyers of and investors in commercial property have the same needs. Many have their own particular inspection templates that match their unique investment goals and portfolio requirements. And those that don't may prefer that he assist in developing a custom template for them. So we are comfortable working within specific individualized parameters.  If you don't have your own bespoke inspection standard then we can assist and use that as a starting point to inspect your commercial property. Ultimately our goal is to exceed your expectations and help protect your property investment.


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 Feel free to contact me with any questions that you may have about my services or to schedule a home inspection. I can be reached by phone most daytime hours and all weekend long, so I won't keep you waiting long, I appreciate your business and I take pride in how fast I respond to requests.   

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