The following is a list of frequently asked  questions regarding your home inspection, but if you have any questions that are not on this list feel free to contact me.

How long will the inspection take?

It takes longer to inspect a large home that contains multiple problems than it does to inspect a simple small space. For this reason, I shy away from committing to how long it will take to conduct an inspection. All I can say is that I will never be in and out of a typical-size home in under two hours. I prefer to conduct a thorough inspection rather than commit to completing the inspection in a given duration.

How long is the report?

The length of any specific report will depend on what is discovered during any particular inspection. It is usually lengthy and includes narratives that clearly describe problems and suggest solutions, as well as photographs. Further, it will contain a wealth of information that is useful to the homeowner. Major defects and safety issues will be highlighted in red and will also be conveniently repeated in a summary section so that you do not need to read through the entire report to extract the pertinent information. This enables me to supply all the information that I feel you deserve to receive without making it difficult to extract the pertinent information.

What is the fee?

The fee is based on the home’s size and age. I keep my fees reasonable but please don’t assume that if an inspector charges a high fee that they will conduct higher-quality work. That is rarely the case, and as a general statement, low-fee inspectors often performed just as well as, or even better than, their high-priced peers. You will be charged by credit card on completion of the inspection but prior to delivery of the inspection report.

Are you licensed?

Yes, I am licensed in New Hampshire, license #00562. I am also an InterNACHI (International association of Certified Home Inspectors) Certified Professional Inspector, #17081434. I also carry general liability and errors and omissions insurance coverage. CLICK HERE TO VIEW COPIES OF THE CERTIFICATES.

To become an inspector in New Hampshire the requirement is to complete 80 hours of approved coursework, pass a difficult written exam, and possess insurance coverage. To keep a license, 21 hours of approved continuing education coursework must be completed every two years. My own path to becoming licensed included completing an additional 118 hours of approved coursework and passing InterNACHIs own examination in addition to the state exam. It’s a tough examination, the passing scores are 80 percent or better, and only about 45 percent pass on the first try. I passed both exams on the first try. Further, I personally aim to complete at least 50 hours of approved continuing education coursework every year. My philosophy is that by satisfying additional requirements above and beyond what I am required to demonstrates a commitment to the profession and shows that I have enough knowledge about residential construction and inspections.

Will I be charged a fee for follow-up questions or inspections?

You will not be charged extra if you have questions about your report. But for a re-inspection following repairs or to have me attend your final walkthrough there will be a fee that will be agreed to in advance.

When will I receive my report?

You will receive an emailed report within 24 hours.

Can I attend the inspection?

Yes, I prefer that you attend your inspection.

Do you offer repair services?

No. I do not offer to fix problems that I discover as it’s a conflict of interest.

How will the roof be inspected?

Standards dictate that roofs can be inspected from the ground. In order of preference, my approach is walk the roof. If I am unable to do this I will inspect it from the eaves. If the building is too tall for this I will use drone videography.

Will every window be tested?

Yes, I do not believe in only testing a sample; it takes only a moment extra to test each one.

Will every electrical outlet be tested?

Yes. As with windows, I do not believe in only testing a sample; it takes only a moment extra to test each one. It takes only a few seconds to plug a tester in to see if an outlet functions, is grounded, and, if it’s a GFCI model, is safe.

Will every light fixture be tested?

Yes. As with electrical outlets, it’s easy to test all light fixtures. I carry an array of lightbulbs to check fixtures with missing or blown-out bulbs.

Will all appliances be tested?

Yes, they should be.

Will all heating and A/C equipment be operated?

Yes. However, air conditioning cannot be tested if the outside air temperature is below about 65°F as this can risk failure of the A/C system.

Will a moisture meter be used?

Yes, this is used throughout the inspection along with a range of other specialized tools such as a carbon monoxide detector and a gas leak detector.

Will I be provided with photographs and video?

Yes. It is quite usual for me to take more than 200 photographs during an inspection, and sometimes far more than this. Using photography enables me to slow down and home in on defects. Only a sub-set of photographs will be used in the report, but you will be provided with copies of all photographs that I take during an inspection. I do not take video during every inspection, but when I do you will also be provided with a copy of the video.  

What are your hours of operation?

I am available Seven days a week and if you need an evening appointment then that's no problem, providing it's light enough to inspect the roof and exterior. If not, I can inspect the roof and exterior during the day and the remainder of the house at a time that suits you. The following is an FAQ regarding your home inspection, but if you have any questions that are not on this list feel free to contact me. 

What other services can you provide at the time of my home inspection?

I can also inspect your swimming pool, conduct well water, radon and drug residue testing. All are in addition to the home inspection cost. 



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