Saluting photograph


As a veteran, brother of a veteran, uncle of a veteran, brother-in-law of a veteran and friend of many veterans, the Military is very close to my heart. Some don't get the respect they deserve, and many suffer from what they have seen and experienced during their Military career. We lose 22 veterans every single day as they give up the fight for a normal life. The lucky ones get help, but many don't. They come back from deployments, perhaps leave the service and try to transition back to normality. But those deployments never leave them, they haunt for life. But it doesn't stop at the Military, first responders take care of us and keep us safe every day of our lives, often quietly, unnoticed and unappreciated. To show our respect to these brave people I offer a discount on all my services, and will continue to seek out ways to pay back to those that most deserve it. It will never be enough but it's something. Active military, veterans and first responders, I salute you all.